School Events


Arts / Music / Media Night

The school has a mid-year Art/Music/Media Night that showcases the talents of our students in several creative areas. The whole school community is invited to attend this special evening which displays student’s artwork, live music performances and the short film-making efforts of our young people. Parents, carers, friends and relatives are encouraged to support their students and enjoy the creative atmosphere which is always inspiring and entertaining. 

Artwork is displayed throughout the school, music students who have been practicing in ensembles have a chance to play to supportive live audiences, and audio-visual productions are given the big screen treatment. A night not to be missed!


Graduation Night

Graduation Night is one of the most important dates on the school’s calendar. This special evening is an opportunity to officially celebrate the journeys of all our students, particularly the Year 12’s who are graduating from our school. The night, hosted by our senior students, includes guest speakers and live music performed by Year 7 to 12 students. Our Graduation night is the recognition of achievements of our young people and the celebration of their personal growth. Staff and Students also have a chance to acknowledge the achievements of their own Advisory and the evening provides insight for our younger students into their potential and future possibilities.


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