Digital Technologies

Croydon Community School & OPTIONS recognises that technology is a valuable learning tool for many of our young people and makes a significant investment in this learning area through the employment of a full time IT Manager and a school subsidised laptop program. An additional 8.9 hours per week of technical support are provided by the Department of Education and Training through their Technical Support to Schools Program. We partner only with the highest quality service and technology providers to ensure that technology across the school is reliable and dependable.

Laptop Programs

Students at the Croydon Campus receive access to an individually assigned Lenovo N24 Yoga laptop with Multi-Touch and Active Pen available on request. Devices are intentionally not “locked down” so that students have the freedom to personalise them to suit their individual learning needs – the only thing we ask is that the devices are not physically altered, and that school software and settings are not tampered with. Each Advisory is equipped with a high-performance desktop computer for students to access when additional performance is required for tasks such as editing photographs, rendering video, game development or 3D design, whatever the interest or passion may be.

At the OPTIONS@Bayswater re-engagement program, depending on which of the four tiers the young person is engaged with, they will either receive access to an individually assigned or shared Lenovo ThinkPad 11e laptop. If the device is individually assigned the student will have additional access to customise the device (with the requirement that the device is not physically altered and school software and settings are not tampered with). If the device is a shared device, unfortunately this additional access cannot be given due to the need to consider the security and privacy of all users of that device however, in this situation students and staff remain able to work with the Information Technology team to ensure that the needs of the young person are being met.

Refer to our Digital Technologies (Internet, Social Media, Devices) Policy for our Acceptable Use Agreement for more information.

Video Production

Offered as a ‘Grow Your Passion’ subject C.T.V. media classes focus on extending the skills of participants that are required for improvised drama for television. This includes creative roles in front of the camera and technical roles behind the scenes. The studio has a live to tape system that enables vision mixing, audio engineering as well as background graphic effects.  Students are encouraged to deepen plot and character development of filmed material, while increasing their awareness of acting within a multi-camera studio. Other goals have been to improve production values with respect to sound quality, chroma key and framing. Students are required to maintain consistent voice projection, take responsibility for wearing appropriate “studio colour” clothing, and be aware of their stage positioning in relation to cameras. Students are offered an opportunity to work as a team in front of, and behind the camera in technical capacities, to create more ambitious, original audio-visual productions.

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