Croydon Community School is a small secondary education school located in the North Eastern Metropolitan Region. The school has a capacity to accommodate approximately 105 students on our Croydon Campus. Students wishing to enrol at Croydon Community School are looking for an alternative approach to education. Croydon Community School operates under the Big Picture Education model.

Enrolment Process

  • Complete the enrolment enquiry form above for students wishing to enrol in years 7 or 8.
  • Students in all other year levels should contact the school directly on 9724 2900.
  • The Enrolment Officer will be in contact to discuss your enquiry and where required a school tour may be arranged.
  • If there is a place available in the desired year level, a pre-enrolment interview and tour with the student and Parent/Guardian will be arranged. It is essential at this stage that the student indicates a strong desire to attend Croydon Community School.
  • Students must complete a successful three day trial prior to enrolment. Placement reviewed by Assistant Principal/Leading Teacher, parent/guardian and student in order to confirm ongoing enrolment.

Students in Year 6 who indicate a preference to attend Croydon Community School must go through the same process as a normal enrolment. Given enrolments are not confirmed until completion of the three-day trial and induction program for new intake students, it is strongly recommended that students also make an enrolment preference with their local secondary school.

Croydon Community School

177-181 Mt Dandenong Road
Croydon, VIC 3136

Ms. Bronwyn Harcourt

Assistant Principal
Mrs. Kaye Bhan

177-181 Mt Dandenong Road
Croydon, VIC 3136

P.O. Box 239
Croydon, VIC 3136

(03) 9724 2900

(03) 9724 2999