Croydon Community School

Philosophy, Vision and Values

Our Philosophy

Every student deserves the best education there is. Croydon Community School is based on powerful principles – “one student at a time in a community of learners” and real world learning.

We base our curriculum on the premise that each student has unique interests, needs and abilities that our education program must take into account.

The key to achievement lies in fostering students’ individual interests, encouraging their active participation in the learning process and developing the ability to apply knowledge and skills to real life experiences and challenges.

Croydon Community School is inspiring and, at the same time, practical: concepts are named, processes are articulated and outcomes measured. We support students, families and mentors as they develop deep learning.


Our Vision

The school’s vision is to graduate confident, compassionate, reliable and resilient young people who possess a positive personal philosophy, and a focus on continuing growth.

Our Mission

The school’s mission is to engage each student in learning that nurtures individual interest, encourages active participation in the learning process and develops each students’ ability to apply knowledge and skills to real life experiences and challenges.

Our Objective

The school’s objective is to individualise and personalise learning for the benefit of each of our students. We work from the premise of ‘one student at a time in a community of learners’.

Our Values

Croydon Community School values equity and strong personal qualities equally with the pursuit of academic success. For us, HEART means not only for learners to pursue what they love in their learning, but also some non-negotiable behaviours about how we come together in our school.


I tell the truth to myself and others.

I look after others, their feelings and possessions.

I admit when I need help and ask for it.


I always aim to do my best even when it’s tough. 

I recognise my strengths and extend them. 

I am proud of my achievements. 


I own my behaviours without excuses or blame.

I learn from my actions.

I make things right when I’ve made a mistake.


I value diversity and appreciate differences and similarities. 

I encourage others to be themselves. 

I help others to achieve their goals. 

I am kind to myself.


I acknowledge the growth I have made. 

I take advantage of opportunities presented to me. 

I am grateful I can make choices for myself.  

Ms. Bronwyn Harcourt

Assistant Principal
Mrs. Kaye Bhan

61-77 Croydon Road
Croydon, VIC 3136

P.O. Box 239
Croydon, VIC 3136

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