Master Plan

Our first Master plan was developed in 2010 after funding was provided by the State Government of Victoria for the Maroondah Secondary Schools (Maroondah Education Coalition) Regeneration Project. Working with Architectus, we developed plans for a complete rebuild of Croydon Community School (retaining the original brick school building) on the Mt Dandenong Road site. Construction funding didn’t follow in future Budgets, and these plans became outdated as the needs of the students and school changed.

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In the 2017-18 State Budget we were allocated $500,000 in funding for planning works and started working with Crosier Scott Architects on a new Master plan. Over the course of 11 months extensive consultation was undertaken, and with permission from the Department of Education and Training, we developed a new Master plan with intent to build an entirely new school on the now closed Croydon Secondary College/Melba College Junior Campus (Croydon Road) site. There are no plans to move from Mt Dandenong Road until such time as funding for construction is received and building is complete.

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The Master plan brings together Croydon Community School and the OPTIONS@Bayswater re-engagement program on a single site, sharing purpose-built facilities that reflect the school’s philosophy. Large versatile indoor Advisory spaces are accompanied by directly accessible outdoor learning spaces with additional outdoor learning spaces in the central courtyard. A technology building is included and introduces dedicated spaces for ‘clean’ and ‘dirty’ tinkering – perfect for passion projects, along with spaces for high performance computing and 2D/3D art. At the opposite end of the school is a dedicated science laboratory and home economics classroom located close to an outdoor kitchen and large covered deck leading to our Town Hall (multi-purpose) space and music complex, complete with tilt up panel doors for outdoor performances. Located at the entrance to the school is a large Wellbeing complex complete with private meeting spaces and our Doctors in Secondary Schools facilities.

At present our Master plan is just that, a plan, and though we all love our lovely school on its current site, we remain hopeful of receiving construction funding in a future Budget for a more modern learning facility. You can follow our project at the Victorian School Building Authority’s website.

We also have a Building Fund and you can make tax-deductible contributions for the exclusive purpose of improving facilities at the school. Our goal is to not touch these funds, and instead add these towards additional resources for the new school build not covered by the Department.

Master Plan Gallery

Master plan and render images by Crosier Scott Architects

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Croydon Community School

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