Year 7/8 is known as On the Path.

This Advisory name reflects that our students are being introduced to the Big Picture Education design, and enables Advisors (teachers) to support students in developing Individual Leaning Plans and understanding the Big Picture learning goals.

It supports students to improve their literacy and numeracy skills, with a range of individual support programs as well as to explore the world around them. This stage is designed to encourage the development of rigorous and relevant Individual Learning Plans throughout their learning journey. Students complete a “Who am I” detailed exploration of themselves, which will support them in pursuing their passions. They attend a range of excursions, relevant to the learning goals and student interests.

Year 9 is known as Out and About.
This Advisory is where students begin to develop their Individual Learning Plans with an absolute focus on their passions and interests. They attend a range of both passion based and topic based excursions, as well as building a strong sense of community within the school. The Advisory will initiate and complete a community-based project.

Year 10 is known as The Gateway.
This Advisory is where students start to develop their Individual Learning Plan with a focus around developing a senior thesis project, along with rigorous and detailed projects within their Individual Learning Plan. They begin to bring together all the elements from their previous study, including their autobiography. They begin to develop a formal portfolio of work, which will lead into their development of their Graduation Portfolio. They will initiate, plan, and complete an identified community-based project.

Year 11 is known as Transitions.
It is within this Advisory that students begin to develop their Graduation Portfolio. The elements of this process include Learning Through Internship projects, a detailed autobiography, explicitly reflecting on their learning journey, as well as detailed exploration of career/further study programs and pathways. It is essential that all students develop a relationship with a mentor, either through an internship, or a connection with community member. The mentor becomes an integral part of the learning process and is often included in exhibitions. Students will also independently organise a community project, with a social action focus. Students will start to develop project proposals for their senior thesis.

Year 12 is known as the Senior Advisory.
Although a lot of the graduation work has commenced prior to this year, it is at this stage that students complete their Graduation Portfolios. This will include Senior thesis project, internship projects, autobiography, a series of exhibition reflections, community projects, examples of Individual Learning Plans, and post school planning. Continuing on from the post school planning visits commenced in Transitions, students will actively seek further pathways, including visits to universities, internships, and traineeships.

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