Croydon Community School

"One student at a time in a community of learners"

Croydon Community School provides young people with an alternative secondary school experience in a nurturing environment.



from the Principal

I take this opportunity to welcome you to Croydon Community School & OPTIONS.

Firstly, on behalf of our school community, I acknowledge the traditional custodians of the land our school stands on. The Kulin peoples’ culture and customs have nurtured this land and they have contributed to the education of generations of Australians past and present.

I am extremely proud to lead Croydon Community School & OPTIONS. We are a Big Picture school which means that we privilege the needs, interests and passions of each individual young learner, as well as ensuring that our teaching is informed by the Victorian Curriculum. We believe that this approach will help us to realise the Victorian Government’s Education State targets as we progress through the years ahead. These targets are:

All staff at our school care for our young people and strive to be responsive to their individual learning and wellbeing needs. We are all committed to the principle, “One student at a time in a community of learners” and we enjoy seeing our young people develop confidence, on their learning journey through secondary school.

I look forward to meeting you!

Mrs. Bernadette Bowling

Principal, Croydon Community School

About our school

Croydon Community School is a small secondary school with the capacity to enrol approximately 100 students on its current site at Mt Dandenong Rd in Croydon. The school also manages a re-engagement site at Neal St Bayswater for young people between the ages of 12 – 17 who have disengaged from mainstream schooling. Croydon Community School & OPTIONS has a history of providing an alternative to mainstream secondary educational settings. Many of the young people who choose to enrol at our school have not experienced learning success, or a sense of connectedness to mainstream schools for a range of reasons.

In our school we endeavour to build positive relationships between adults and our young people so that they might flourish and realise their potential. In order to facilitate these relationships we plan for smaller class sizes than many other schools, and students will usually have fewer teachers than their peers in mainstream secondary schools. It is not unusual for advisory teachers and education support staff to manage the same group of students throughout the duration of their secondary schooling at Croydon Community School. Find out more about our Advisory classes here.

The school is a member of Big Picture Education Australia, and has adopted the Big Picture Education design to engage students in their learning and to develop the whole child. At our school, advisory teachers, and education support staff, assist young people to set personalised learning goals based upon their passions or interests. Staff strive to enable student voice, encouraging young people to exercise as much choice as possible in their learning. Advisory teachers also ensure that the teaching and learning program as a whole meets the standards of the Victorian Curriculum F–10 and that it enables the reporting of student achievement against the achievement standards. Find out more about the Big Picture Education design here.

The school offers the Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (VCAL) for students in Years 11 & 12 and students may study VCAL at the Foundation, Intermediate or Senior levels.  Students who wish to undertake VCE subjects as part of their senior secondary studies are supported to do so. In 2019 we partnered with Box Hill TAFE to deliver the Certificate II in Visual Arts because many of our students are passionate about the visual arts. The certificate is taught on campus at Croydon Community School. Find out more about our Visual Arts course here.

The school acknowledges that some students may need extra social, emotional or educational support at school, and that the needs of students will change over time as they grow and learn.  We commit to resourcing a highly skilled wellbeing team to support young people and their families to engage with education. Find out more about our Wellbeing Team and programs here.

Student Enrolments

Croydon Community School is located in the Eastern Metropolitan Region and attracts children from Years 7 – 12. The school has a capacity to accommodate approximately 100 students on our Croydon Campus. Students wishing to enrol at Croydon Community School generally have had difficulties in mainstream school settings and for one reason or another need an alternative approach to education. Croydon Community School operates under the Big Picture Education model.

We believe that the school should be reflective of the characteristics of our wider society including such issues:

  • Cultural diversity
  • Gender balance
  • Disabilities/impairments
  • Range of student learning abilities

Students in Year 6 who indicate a preference to attend Croydon Community School must go through the same process as a normal enrolment. Given enrolments aren’t confirmed until completion of the three-day trial and induction program for new intake students, it is strongly recommended that students also make an enrolment preference with their local secondary school.


Croydon Community School utilises Compass for attendance reporting, classroom planning as well as information and document storing. This system is available to all families.

The Compass system allows families to:

  • Access information regarding upcoming events and news
  • Access your child’s Student Semester Reports
  • Approve or enter upcoming or past absences for your child
  • Download, print and approve upcoming excursions
  • Update your registered email and mobile number (used for SMS alerts) details
  • View up-to-date class and school attendance information 

Croydon Community School proudly acknowledges the Wurundjeri people of the Kulin Nations as the traditional custodians of the land on which our school is built.

Croydon Community School

177-181 Mt Dandenong Road
Croydon, VIC 3136

Mrs. Bernadette Bowling

Assistant Principal
Mr. Mark Heuston

177-181 Mt Dandenong Road
Croydon, VIC 3136

P.O. Box 239
Croydon, VIC 3136

(03) 9724 2900

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