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You can download a copy of our Priority review report summary by clicking here.

This year, as part of the Croydon Community school subject “Community” (in which students set about giving something back to their communities), the Year 12s are raising money for the Leukaemia Foundation by hosting The World’s Greatest Shave.

The fundraising target we have set is $75, but we are hoping to smash this! Your support is greatly appreciated, as it helps the Leukaemia Foundation and gives the students a buzz…

You can donate to the Croydon Community School World’s Greatest Shave webpage (using your credit card) at

Thanks for your time!


Croydon Community School is a small government secondary school that has a current enrolment of 110 students in Years 7-12. The school provides an alternate secondary education to students who for various reasons have experienced difficulty in their previous schools, or who are returning to study in order to prepare for work or further study.

At Croydon Community School our fundamental purpose is to assist every student reach his or her academic and personal potential. Students at the school have not achieved success in their previous schools for a wide range of reasons and 25% receive additional funding under the Program for Students with Disabilities.

An individualised VCAL program is available at Years 11 & 12, including school based apprenticeships and traineeships. A strong and successful remedial literacy and numeracy program assists students to develop essential skills that have not previously been mastered.

Students may learn music and complete creative projects in art, film making, music recording. Our programs are based on the Big Picture Education model, where students work from their individual passions and can spend two days each week working in internships to deepen their knowledge and skills.

At Croydon Community School we recognise that our students come to our school with a wide range of educational and personal backgrounds. We believe that the students learn best when they are in a safe environment that provides time, space and support.

We also believe that if people have the right to voice their opinions when decisions are made, then they are more likely to be able stick to those decisions.

Our Student Code of Conduct is guided by the following principles.

All members of our school community should:

  • encourage self esteem
  • promote self-discipline
  • work for a safe and secure environment
  • accept and respect individual differences
  • promote a discrimination free school
  • promote an environment that gives all students the opportunity to strive for excellence

To support these principles, staff, students and parents must accept a range of responsibilities. When we meet these responsibilities, the rights of the individual and the community become protected by our actions.

Every student has the responsibility to:

  • see that others are safe
  • see that the belongings and feelings of others are respected
  • protect the equal rights of others
  • not interfere with the learning of others
  • negotiate positively
  • encourage others to participate
  • care and protect our environment