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[email protected] is managed by Croydon Community School, but is located at a different campus.

This campus is designed specifically to re-engage students who are aged 12-17, and refuse to attend their current educational setting. Students would normally have been out of school for an extended period of time to be considered eligible for enrolment.

The current capacity is for approximately 60 students across all four tiers.

It is important to note that [email protected] offers a school program not a short term course.

Students’ progress through the levels of the Victorian Curriculum and school attendance is considered to be very important.

Program Structure

[email protected] offers a four tiered intervention response to young people who are disengaged from education.

Students are placed according to their ability to manage themselves and the social demands of group situations.

Hours of attendance vary from a minimum of 3hrs a week, through to 15hrs a week as outlined below:

  • 1:1 Classroom Setting (Minimum of 3hrs per week)
  • Small Group Setting (Minimum of 8hrs per week over 4 days)
  • Large Group Setting (Minimum of 15hrs per week over 5 days)

The four tiered structure allows for students to grow through stages of their re-engagement, from a 1:1 Classroom Setting, through to a transition into further education.

  • Tier 1

Students participate in a completely individualised program of 1:1 sessions as appropriate and required. Most students at this tier participate at a minimum of three hours a week for an hour at a time. There is flexibility for us to adjust that to best meet the needs of the student. Not all students will commence on 1:1 as it will depend on an assessment of their personal and social capabilities (Victorian Curriculum) at the time of an initial meeting with the parents/carers and young person.

  • Tier 2

Students participate in small group sessions for 2 hours four times per week. Student programs are individualised and pro-social skills and activities are built in. These sessions may involve local excursions, as well as trips further afield, depending upon student ability and interest.

  • Tier 3

Students participate in an Advisory class of up to 10 students. They attend for three hours, five days per week.

  • Tier 4

Students are transitioned to an appropriate education or training pathway. This may be another secondary school of their choice, an apprenticeship, workplace or other training, or to Croydon Community School (Croydon site). An approved RTO is required for students to transition to if they are under 17.

Learning Program

At [email protected], students will focus largely on improving their personal and social capabilities, as well as literacy and numeracy outcomes.

Students will also have the chance to deepen their learning and explore other subject areas through an Individual Learning Plan, on a topic of their choice, that is devised with the student’s learning team. More specifically, the programs we use to achieve these results are:

  • Respectful Relationships (Personal and Social Capabilities)
  • Direct Instruction – Maths Mastery Series (Numeracy)
  • Direct Instruction – MacqLit and Corrective Reading (Literacy)
  • Victorian Curriculum domains are covered / assessed through Individual Learning Plans

Note: [email protected] does not offer a Year 11 or Year 12 program.

Fee Structure

As [email protected] is managed by Croydon Community School, voluntary school fees are set by the Croydon Community School School Council.

Fees are outlined in the enrolment pack.

Students are not required to have a uniform, but are required to wear covered shoulders and closed toed shoes whilst on campus. No offensive slogans or gang signs are to be worn either.

Enrolment Process

To refer a student to [email protected], call the school on (03) 9724 2900.

Waiting List

Demand for a place in the program can be high and the school uses a waiting list. Consideration is given to a young person’s personal circumstances when they are placed on the waiting list. For example, young people who are in Out of Home Care may be prioritised.

Workers of young people who are involved with Youth Justice / Corrections are encouraged to contact the Principal of the school in the first instance to ensure that their applications are also prioritised.


Ms. Bronwyn Harcourt

Assistant Principal
Mrs. Kaye Bhan

61-77 Croydon Road
Croydon, VIC 3136

P.O. Box 239
Croydon, VIC 3136

(03) 9724 2900

(03) 9724 2999