Capacity Building

The aim of the Capacity Building Service is to strengthen the ability of schools and teachers to meet the needs of ‘at risk’ students in eastern metropolitan Department of Education and Training (DET) schools and, wherever possible, to enable students to remain in their neighbourhood schools.

Who can refer?

Any Department of Education and Training (DET) school within the North eastern Victoria region. We receive referrals from school personnel concerned about the progress of a student enrolled in eastern metropolitan DET schools. Just call us on (03) 9724 2900.

Program Outline

and Fee Structure

Making a referral

Once contact has been made, we will send you a referral form to be completed and request that you start to collect initial data on the behaviours of concern for a period of 2 weeks. Once the behaviour data has been collected and sent back, a member of the Capacity Building team will contact you to review the incidents and suggest some initial interventions that you can put into play, while you wait for your referral to be activated. See below for what this means.

Please note we do have a waiting list.

Activation of a Referral

A Capacity Building team member will contact you to arrange an initial-consultation for which there is no charge. This may take half a day or a whole day depending upon the needs of the school.

Initial-consult (No fee)

  • Review of professional and specialist assessments and recommendations currently on file.
  • Interview relevant staff and conduct observations of student in relevant context to identify behaviours of concern and collect further data.
  • Review of current behaviour support plans in both the classroom and schoolwide contexts.
  • Review of current support in line with DET policy documents, i.e. School Policy and Advisory Guide (SPAG).
  • Provide any additional recommendations to reduce behaviours of concern based on identified student needs and contexts.

Schools are then given time to implement the recommendations.

A member of the Capacity Building team will make contact with you to review the impact of the initial recommendations and to see if you require additional support through engaging further with the team.

Engaged Services ($250 exclusive of GST)

Once a school decides to engage with the Capacity Building service there will be a fee of $250. The team member will:

  • Review student behaviour progress and implementation of positive behaviour supports made in initial recommendations.
  • Provide coaching and technical instruction to build the capacity of the teacher/year level/cohort and/or support your school to create a Behaviour Support team and provide coaching and technical instruction to build the capacity of the Behaviour Support team to:
  • assess the behaviour, focussing on its influences, triggers and function (i.e. what purpose it serves). This should involve observation and talking with the student, their family and relevant wellbeing professionals
  • develop a behaviour support plan and/or individual education plan
  • collect data to inform Behaviour Support team decision making process
  • consider if any environmental changes need to be made, for example changing the classroom set up
  • explicit teaching of replacement behaviours (recognising that students will need time to practice these before they become fluent)
  • engage appropriate support services, such as a student welfare coordinator, student support services or community agencies to undertake assessments and/or provide specialist support
  • conduct professional learning on understanding behaviour as a product of the environmental context

Professional development sessions or stand-alone professional development sessions outside the engagement service provision will attract a fee of $500 exclusive of GST.

Please note:

  • Costs are not transferrable between referrals.
  • Any and all questions regarding charges and/or invoicing should be directed to the Principal or Business Manager at Croydon Community School, who manage the Capacity Building team on behalf of NEVR.

Telephone (03) 9724 2900 for more information.

Ms. Bronwyn Harcourt

Assistant Principal
Mrs. Kaye Bhan

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P.O. Box 239
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(03) 9724 2900

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